Terms & Conditions

Our clients are advised to read all the terms and conditions carefully before placing an order. Make sure that you agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned on this page. Moreover, if you do not agree with any of our following conditions, you must not use London Paper’s website.

By using the service and placing an order, you agree to our terms & conditions. You accept that you will provide your personal details, which will be collected, used & stored by London Papers. Also, you have understood, agreed, received, and read all the terms and conditions which are listed below. Apart from this, if you do not agree to provide your personal information, unfortunately, you will not be able to use our services.

Any amendments and additions in Terms & Conditions will be updated on https://londonpapers.co.uk/. We hereby reserve all the right to modify, vary and change the Terms & Conditions. Moreover, London Papers have the right to change policies regarding the services we are offering at any time.

Being a client, it is your responsibility to read the updated version of Terms & Conditions carefully. Our Terms & Conditions apply to every country, including your origin, where you will use the service.

Please note that these Terms & Conditions are exclusively for the benefit of our clients.

Eligibility Criteria

By using https://londonpapers.co.uk/ and our services, you confirm that the information provided by you is accurate and 100% authentic. You are required to update your personal information by contacting our customer representatives whenever you change it. Whether you are under 18 or over 18, you are legally bounded by our agreement. While using the London Papers website, you are obliged to follow the rules and regulations. You accept that the London Papers reserves all the rights to terminate the services without warning or any sole discretion, at any time.

Identification of User

Considering compliance requirements, we might request you to submit some additional information so that our customer representatives can confirm your identity. However, such information is not sold to any third party, instead kept safe and secured. It might include a request to provide scanned copies of your identification, educational documents, the last four digits of a debit card or credit card, etc. We assure you that your collected data (including personal data) will be processed and stored in a fully-encrypted place, strictly in accordance with the privacy policy of London Papers.

Ownership Right & Prohibited Usage

London Papers transfers all the ownership rights of academic documents & files to the clients after final submission. However, London Papers holds special entitlements to reuse the data in the future for various other purposes and in only technical forms. Hence, the customers’ are not liable to resell our generated content without written permission from London Papers.

Plagiarism Claim Policy

We use the latest detection software to check the plagiarism of the document and to fulfill our promise of plagiarism-free documents. We provide our clients with properly scanned work. Hence, your request for a refund of the plagiarised file will not be entertained without any acceptable source.

Fees and Payment

London Papers accept payment in all currencies, but usually, we deal in pounds. If you have an issue in making payment in pounds, we allow other modes of currencies, but the converted rate must be the same as the initial amount quoted by our account manager/customer representative.

Our customer representative will respond to you regarding the amount of payment after reviewing your document. Also, it is based on the due date, type of project, project requirements and word limit. Please note that if we do not receive the payment, or your payment method is declined, or the payment process fails, we will not accept the order until the debt is successfully processed.

Additional Payment

Before confirming the order, you are requested to kindly double-check the total price quoted by our account manager. London Papers also reserve the right to edit initial order and can ask for additional payment in case of mismatch between actual order details and the assignment instructions. In such cases, the order is considered to be unpaid, unless you pay the difference.

Correct Guidelines

You are liable to provide proper assignment, coursework, research paper, essay, dissertation & statistical analysis requirements in order for us to deliver personalised & efficient completion of the project. This is a crucial requirement to complete the task. Furthermore, inappropriate and ambiguous guidelines might lead to failure or erroneous academic files. It can further lead to complications for both the parties involved.

Revision Policy

Our academic writers, editors & proofreaders strictly follow the guidelines provided by the client to ensure the quality of the content is extraordinary, all our native English checkers, fixers, writing experts and correctors follow instructions carefully. However, London Papers and its team of editors are not liable to update or rewrite the academic paper that is different from the initial requirement. Revisions on new instructions will only be entertainment after receiving additional charges. Our team of professionals will provide revisions until and unless it complies with our policies.

Order Cancellation

You can cancel your order only before the work had begun; you can contact our customer representative or account manager and request for cancellation. Your order will be cancelled. However, if you cancel your order before our writer starts writing, you will receive a full refund. Whereas, if our writers, editors and proofreaders have started your project, London Papers will charge some price as a penalty.


London Papers delivers exceptional writing, editing and proofreading services to students all over the world, but once the order has been processed, London Papers will not be liable. Further, London Papers will not be responsible for the following cases:

  1. Placing an order with wrong contact details
  2. Activated spam filter in client's email that restricts our attached files to reach the client
  3. General negligence by client and
  4. Lack of internet access

Confirmation of the Order

After placing an order, an email or a message will be sent to you by our representatives acknowledging your receipt of order. Our representatives accept the offer right at the time we confirm it, in case, if you do not receive any acknowledgment from London Papers or you have cancelled it, kindly let our team know. Furthermore, after accepting your order, we are legally bound to deliver you with the agreed services and according to our terms and conditions.

London Papers reserves all the right not to accept your order without any reason. Moreover, London Papers is not accountable to the client or any other third party. If we reject your request, whether in a whole or in partly, the amount will be refunded on the evaluation of the project scenario.

Promotions and Discounts

London Papers offers exclusive discounts and promotional prices on their services, which are limited-time offers. Please note that there will be no discounts applied to the amount you have already paid for your order. Also, the London Papers will not notify you about the discount rates and special offers. Keep in mind that anytime you can cancel your order before proceeding with the payment of the order.

London Papers’ Services

We only hire qualified experts having in-depth knowledge & experience for completing the client's order of research and writing within time. London Papers assigns an order to the most suitable writer, editor & proofreader having related qualification, skills and experience about the respective discipline. Once we have assigned the order to the appropriate experts and the company has received the payment, then the client accepts that his/her order is binding and the customer cannot claim refund.

Order Validation

London Papers reserves all the right to verify order details even after receiving payment, to confirm and match the requirements of the order. Apart from this, we hold every right to confirm and verify your identity as well. For any amendments in the initial instruction, the client is obliged to pay an extra amount. In case of mismatch, our support staff will contact the client to clarify & finalise the order details accordingly.

Changes in the Order

In case of any change in the guidelines of order received, the client is requested to contact the support staff of the London Papers and clearly communicate the change. The difference could be of any nature, such as the change in the time, change that possibly will influence the volume of the order, etc. Urgency and complexity of the order could require additional charges, which the support staff will discuss with you. Please note that once you have received the final file, we will not cater to any further changes. However, if you want any additional work in your file, London Papers will ask you for additional charges.

Data Protection

London Papers protects all personal and academic data sent by the client, and keeps them secure. Confidentiality is our core principle. We operate under specific guidelines such as

  • A client accepts that we store the information and details they provide while placing an order.
  • Clients making payments for orders in our secure database on the understanding that London Papers can share that with the selected third party to secure payment.
  • London Papers commits to not disclose the personal details provided by the client.

Find more on our privacy policy page.


The client must accept that

  • The work provided by London Paper's writing service does not grant you copyright.
  • London Papers, our writers, editors, proofreaders, and employees do not condone fraud and plagiarism. If we suspect any client with such behaviour, we reserve the right not to accept their order or deny our services.
  • The services we offer are personalised, independent writing and research with the aim of helping students advance in their academic life.
  • Clients undertake to not do any unauthorised distribution, display or resale of the work. Also, they agree that no client holds the copyright of our research work.
  • If London Papers suspect that any of our clients are using our research work, material, or paper in violation of the rules mentioned above, we reserve all the right to refuse any further services or work for him/ her. The company does not bear any liability for detected or unauthorised use.
  • The clients are obliged not to distribute or resell our services, written papers or research work after completion of payment or otherwise after. Further, the customers undertake not to upload our work on any website or essay bank.