Privacy Policy

London Papers’ topmost priority is to keep all data safe and secure, with full confidentiality. We collect various personal, academic and sensitive information through different mediums such as cookies installed on our website (, but we protect it as ours. The data collected by us is solely to improve the user experience & enhance our customer service. London Papers takes all the necessary measures to keep the collected information fully secure and protected.

Collection of Personal Details

London Papers could ask you for your personal details such as name, email address, etc. but for reference purpose only. For instance, we ask for personal data when you place an order on or register yourself for personalised services, but we never sell to any third party.

Apart from this, your personal details help us to provide you with the required, personalised and appropriate services. We ask for such information just to confirm the identity of our client. Further, we collect payment information and personal details only through secure connections. Please note that London papers do not accept any responsibility for communication on any non-encrypted mediums or emails whereby the controlling access is beyond the control of the company.

Data Protection Notice

All the personal information collected through advertising, Google platforms & cookies is on behalf of the London Papers. We will never share your personal information to any unauthorised third party, individuals and other companies. Moreover, you have the right to request the London Papers to provide a copy of personal details. If you want to know about your personal information which is saved in our files, or if you think that we have incorrect data, you can request a change. Further, if you feel your information is being misused, feel free to contact us through an inquiry email. London Papers may monitor or record contact mediums for training and protection.

Sensitive Data

London Papers asks for sensitive information such as your card details to process your payment for the required service package. All the details entered on are processed through a secured & encrypted platform. Our payment parties such as PayPal could also ask for your personal and card details just to make payment against our service. We do not store or save any of your sensitive personal data in our systems.

Information We Collect

London Papers may collect various general information in order to deliver bespoke services. Such as we would check, store and collect your IP address whenever you visit our website. We only do this to detect your location and provide you with personalised service. We put a cookie on your gadget to help us know when you log in, log out, and the number of times you visit the website. In addition to this, we may use analytics software in order to record your non-statistical details. We might also collect other general information such as browser details like country, preference, etc. to deliver fast, responsive and personalised services.

Change in Privacy Policy

London Papers reserves all the right to change this privacy policy without any prior notice or warning. Moreover, information about such changes will be updated and posted in the way the company considers to be the best. It will be notified to you through an email or website notification, or even change without any notice. It is your duty to keep on checking privacy policy or changes made on the website’s terms & conditions.


We regularly edit, change & proofread our website content to provide clients with clear, error-free & unique service, helping us to create strong competitive advantage and compete with other businesses, both indirectly or directly. The confidentiality policy of London Papers limits revealing and sharing of data including, but it is not limited to the nature of risk, the scope of work, or field of discipline. The proofreaders and editors working at London Papers have signed a universal non-disclosure agreement.